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Testing Complete, Ordering Drivers in Bulk & Filing with the FDA

Completed Milestone

We have received our rough report from the testing facility and our main product design has successfully passed as a laser component. In order to qualify as a laser component, we had to remove continuous maximum power mode, which makes the LaserBeam reliant on the PWM signal that comes from the Longmill controller. Thus the driver design is officially completed!

The specific milestones below have been completed:

  • Pass IEC 60825-1 tests
  • Receive testing report

Next Tasks

Supply Chain and Regulations

  • Place an order with a local PCB manufacturer to make and assemble board components  with short lead time
  • File all reports with the FDA (we do not need to wait for report review before shipping out lasers)  


  • Finalize the design for the driver case and air assist   
  • To increase user safety, we plan to design a simple laser shield that can help avoid laser radiation from interacting with the user


  • Currently assembling our laser diode, heat sinks and cooling fan
  • Then will finish adding connectors to the driver fan, laser assembly and laser diode extension cable
  • Finally, will package up the power supply

Remaining Milestones

  • Order our driver PCB Assemblies in bulk 
  • File FDA reports
  • Assemble driver PCB enclosure 
  • Test each LaserBeam system
  • Pack LaserBeams 
  • Ship LaserBeams

Ordering Additional Safety Glasses & Lenses: 

Check out the link above if you need to order additional LaserBeam accessories that you didn’t order in your original LaserBeam preorder. You won’t be charged any additional shipping and your order will be combined with your LaserBeam Pre order! 

Sienci LaserBeam Pre Order:

Place your Sienci LaserBeam Pre order here:

Answering your FAQ: 

Send your Laser Questions Here:

Check out our LaserBeam FAQ video, I take all your unanswered questions from the LaserBeam livestream and try to give you guys more clarity on the LaserBeam add on. 

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