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Back from holidays

It’s Andy here! I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing holidays. I just got back to the office ready to start a new year.

First order of business is to ship out the new orders, answer emails, and continue development on several ongoing projects. Chris will be here in a few days to join me as well, and then things will be back at full swing.

A lot happened in 2018.

Here are some big things that happened this year (in no particular order):

  • Development and release of CAMLab, a simple and easy to use STL based 2.5D and 3D CAM software.
  • Version 2 to Version 3 improvements on the Sienci Mill One. Improved ease of assembly and rigidity.
  • Development and beta release of the LongMill.
  • Move from our garage in Waterloo to office space in Downtown Kitchener.

Thank you everyone for being with us each step of the way as we work to bring accessible CNC milling to everyone!