Prototype in Progress!

Hey guys, we’ve had a bunch of hitches with parts coming up late and 3D printing issues, but we’re back on schedule and have finished building our X and Y axis.

As I write this, we have our second Y axis gantry on the 3D printer.

Once we know everything works, we can start looking for quotes on injection molding or looking for other mass production methods.

Chris with the Y axis.jpg


Bringing you the best desktop CNC machines

CNC (computer numerical control) milling is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses rotating tools to precisely remove material from a blank. The level of convenience and versatility, as well as the ability to cut, drill, and carve with extreme precision out of virtually any material makes CNC milling useful in a wide variety of applications.

While CNC technology is amazing, it is still out of reach for hobbyists and makers who want an affordable and easy to use solution with enough power and precision to create√ā¬†functional parts.

The Sienci Mill One is a high performance, 3 axis desktop milling machine that turns your ideas into real objects in an easy to use, affordable package that focuses on simple design and user experience.


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